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In our program we cultivate the total health and wellness of our homesteaders, our programs are individualized  for each season.​

Our Homesteaders are provided with food grade organic wellness boxes quarterly with herbal tonics​ and essential oils , each child also receives individualized play kits that foster important developmental skills that will be interchanged each quarter. Our children will each receive a garden plot where they will tend and harvest produce from their land to take home as their crop yields.

Our Homesteaders  will be provided with safety visors, foot slippers that will be sanitized daily along with disposable masks.  All meals are  plant based.

Tuition  is $150.00 weekly

Registration is  100.00

Activity Fee $50.00

 Wellness Boxes $80.00 quarterly first box included with registration

Children must be 2 years of age to enroll in our program